Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Contradictions on the Left

This morning my local paper ran an AP "news" story by Michael Rubinkam about the flight of "Latinos" from Hazelton, PA in anticipation of the implementation today of "...a tough, first of its kind law targeting illegal immigrants...". (Curiously the headline used the word "Latinos" to describe the victims of this latest white outrage but the "story" describes them as "Hispanic" and never uses the word "Latino".)

The story tells the tales of apparently "Latino/Hispanic" shop owners in Hazelton whose businesses have been adversely affected by the flight of the "Latinos/Hispanics ". The "evidence suggests", Mr. Rubinkam says, "many Hispanics, legal and otherwise, have already left". Not surprisingly, Mr. Rubinkam does not actually cite any evidence. Par for the course in the "Lame Stream Media".

There is an amusing contradiction raised by the anecdotal evidence he does cite; the business owners. Given that we all know that illegal immigrants are paid nothing by their slavish white masters, how could entire businesses be built on their purchases? In fact, according to the author, there is an "Hispanic business district" in Hazelton. Wow, all those business built on wages that no one can even live on. Imagine.

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