Monday, December 04, 2006

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage - Again

You have all read by now of the "Flying Imams" and the hurtful treatment they received at the hands of those dastardly Islamophobes, the Flying Public and US Airways.

The facts are fairly clear:

1) 6 Arab looking men were praying in or near the boarding lounge for the Minneapolis - Phoenix flight happily invoking the name of Allah;
2) All boarded together;
3) They sat apart; 2 in 1st class, 2 mid-cabin and 2 in the rear of the plane;
4) The 2 who sat in 1st class didn't have boarding passes for 1st class and had been told by the gate agent that 1st class seats were not available;
5) 3 of the 6 asked for "seat belt extenders". Most of us have never heard of these before. They are used to make it possible for the obese to strap themselves in comfortably. (I had the misfortune of sitting beside someone who actually needed one of these devices once on SW Airlines);
6) None of those who asked for the extenders needed them and they placed them on the floor beneath their seats;
7) The seat belt extenders can be used effectively as weapons to disable others.

Well, nothing suspicious about any of that is there? The "Imams" claim they sat apart so as not to alarm the other passengers. This explanation is a beautiful example of just how stupid they think we are. They are so sensitive to our perceptions that they split up after getting on the plane ( as did the 9-11 terrorists) but so insensitive to our perceptions that they hold a prayer meeting invoking the name of Allah in the boarding lounge. Makes perfect sense to me.

Now its a week or so later. CAIR has dutifully accused all of us of Islamophobia. "Imams" are holding protests at airports in Washington and at US Airways HQ in Tempe.

This is another test of our policy of "Tolerance". Do we tolerate obviously provocative behavior from third world nuts with a 7th century philosophy whose stated goal is to wipe from the earth any form of tolerance? Is it possible that the non-Islamists who are promoting our multi-culti nonsense policies do not understand that these people actually intend to accomplish what they so loudly proclaim as their goal? The "Tolerant" society these activists are so proud of will be extinguished if we extend our tolerance to those who loudly and constantly proclaim their intent to destroy Western Liberal Society? What idiocy.

On a more practical note: I have flown a lot over the last 25 years. A whole lot. I have never, ever, ever ,ever seen ANYONE praying before a flight. Not Muslims, not Jews, not Christians. That some of you may have would not surprise me but if it has been observed it is certainly an extremely rare event.

The leading "Imam" ( I have forgotten his name) gave an interview in which he says he "loves" US Airways. The implication is that he has flown often. The interviewer didn't ask the obvious question:

Q: Mr. Imam, sir, your holiness, since you are so fond of US Airways can you tell us what has happened when you and your colleagues have said your prayers in the boarding lounge before other of the many flights you appear to have taken? And a follow up- What has been the reaction of the passengers when you have to say your prayers during a flight? Unless you only take short flights and given the schedule of Muslim prayer, an observant person like yourself must surely have found himself in flight at prayer time on one occasion or another.

A: (Please note this is my answer, not that of his holiness): Allah is great and the infidels will all perish, it is the will of Allah. Why are you asking me all these questions. You hate Islam and the followers of the Prophet. Obviously the wrong-headed executives of US Airways are discriminating against all Islamic people because they have an irrational fear of Islam..........

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