Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barack and the Truth

I have written before about Barack's problems with the truth.

Today he has set a new standard for himself and truthfulness. He is a liar.

Does he really believe that we are willing to believe that some recent events have caused Wright to go off his rocker? Does he really believe that we are willing to believe that sermons from 2001 and 2003 were aberrant departures from his usual form and content?

Does he really believe that we are willing to believe that the very first sermon that so impressed him, which he used a line from for the title of his first book, which described a miserable world run by greedy white people, was a departure from his normal sermon?

What a bunch of nonsense.

At best, he was deceived by a vicious racist for 20 years. Says a lot for his judgement.

At worst, he couldn't care less what Wright says or said. He joined Wright's church for his "street cred". A cold, calculating opportunist.

On another subject, Michelle Obama gave a speech this past Friday night, somewhere in Indiana I think. Her usual litany of complaints about this crummy country of ours. One was particularly amusing. She spoke about the crushing load of student loans which makes it impossible for the people who worked hard for those degrees to use them in the careers they had hoped to pursue.

Among those she listed as impossible to pursue because it doesn't pay enough to enable you to pay off your student loans; Community Organizer. What was her husband's profession? Community Organizer. How can anyone be that stupid? I don't know.

What is even more curious is that there are actually people who don't notice how dishonest this pair of ungrateful beneficiaries of the greatest country on earth are.

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