Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Religion of Peace Lashes Out Again

In the wake of the latest Muslim outrage, the Manchester bombing, it is very reassuring to see millions of peaceful Muslims in the streets chanting "Not In MY Name" and taking to their pulpits, the airwaves, internet and press to denounce yet another in an apparently never ending series of vicious, brutal, attacks...

Oh, right. Silence. Again.

WTC 1993, silence.
9/11, silence.
Madrid 2004, silence.
London 2007, silence.
Fort Hood 2009, silence.
Boston 2013, silence.
San Bernadino 2015, silence.
Orlando 2016, silence.
Paris, Brussels, London again. On and on it goes. Silence.
Hundreds of other attacks worldwide, silence.


Can you imagine any huge group of people, (more than 1.6 billion in this case) adherents to a supposedly sacred text, watching in silence as their sacred text is allegedly warped into a murderous creed? It is behavior completely at odds with ordinary human conduct.

So where are all these moderate Muslims and why are they not speaking up?

I think, faced with this obvious paradox, we must conclude that we non-Muslims have invented a species of Muslim whose collective silence argues against their existence.

Perhaps Indonesians are the moderate Muslims we hope exist. Well, maybe.

"Jakarta’s Christian governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, was found guilty of blasphemy and has been sentenced to two years in prison in Indonesia on Tuesday."

His crime?

" Ahok was the first ethnic Chinese Christian to run the nation’s capital, and was accused of insulting Islam by referring to a verse in the Koran during a campaign speech, which was met with strong disapproval by religious hardliners."

A non-Muslim dared to interpret a verse of the Koran in a manner that "hardliners" disapproved and is going to jail. For 2 years! At least they didn't kill him. Their restraint is most admirable. Moderate Muslims at work.

I believe moderate Muslims exist in about the same numbers as unicorns.

Western governments are operating under a deadly delusion and putting ordinary citizens at risk every day. Muslim immigration to the West should be stopped, in total, now.

What makes all this so much more infuriating is that the people we employ to protect us from them can't or won't. Early reports suggest that the Manchester bomber was "known" to authorities.

The Boston bombers, Fort Hood shooter, San Bernadino shooters and Orlando shooter were all "known" to authorities.

It is obviously beyond the abilities of western law enforcement agencies, playing by western rules of police engagement, to deal with this army of in place terrorists. No more kids should be murdered in the name of political correctness or moderate Muslims.

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