Friday, June 23, 2006

NY Times Treason

Today the NY Times has seen fit to publish details of another classified US Intelligence operation. That they can do so with impunity is not really surprising.

We have been having a big debate over the past few months about illegal immigration and the status of illegal immigrants in this country. We have all noticed that these illegal immigrants hide in plain view and, in fact, march in the streets protesting the existence of the laws they are breaking. They do so with impunity.

It seems that we have reached the point at which our tolerance of dissent is threatening the existence of the USA. The New York Times commits serial treasonous offenses and faces no challenge from our government; illegal immigrants flout the laws of this country and face no consequences from our government.

The one slim hope I have is that the NT Times has actually published a planted story designed to deceive the bad guys.

The scenario below is borrowed from Enjoy

"Yes Khalid?"
"Did you see the New York Times report on how the infidels are tracking our money?"
"Yes Khalid. I sent a courier with a note to the financier, and he wrote back and assured me that he will route the transfers through a firm in the Bahamas and have the money laundered."
"That is good Achmed."
"It is easy. The infidel newspapers do all the hard work. All I have to do is sit here and write out notes."
"Yes Khalid?"
"How come you just don't call the financier?"
"Oh - that! Because the New York Times revealed that the infidels were monitoring our phone calls."
"Damn those infidels!"
"Thank Allah for the New York Times Khalid. Without them we'd have no secrets that weren't known to the infidels."
"Praise Allah for the New York Times."
"Indeed, praise Allah for the New York Times."

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