Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You're either with us or against us...

These famous words were uttered by President Bush in a speech delivered shortly after 9/11. His obvious intention was to inform the rest of the world of our position with respect to what would become the war on terror.

The well known liberal intellectual, Ted Turner, (formerly known as the Mouth of the South), shined a bright light on the thinking of the anti-American left in a speech earlier this week. He mentioned that he was troubled by the words, saying that "he still hadn't made up his mind" when W spoke them.

What Turner and the thousands of other anti-American leftists didn't understand, it is now clear, is that W wasn't speaking to Americans. He was speaking to the rest of the world, assuming, as would not be unreasonable for a real American, that Americans understood that we are the "us" referred to in the phrase.

This is an outstanding example of the penchant among libs and dems for a kind of world citizenship in a post-nationalist era. All countries are equal, all cultures are equal, all religions are equal and we are all citizens of the world.

Even a cursory examination of such a position reveals it to be, like most other lib and dem positions, entirely self-defeating.

If all countries are equal why are visas to emigrate to Somalia so easy to come by? Brazil? Mexico? Cuba? Russia? Libya? Egypt? China? Yep, waves of immigrants on the way to these shining examples of countries in all ways equal to that dismal failure, the USA.

If all cultures are equal why are all advances in arts and science produced by the Anglo-American culture. You can substitute Judeo - Christian if you prefer. Anyone care to point me to the accomplishments of any non Judeo-Christian culture? Any notable Buddhist accomplishments? Hindu? Muslim? Taoist? Communist? Socialist? No, none. Not one. Oh, wait, the ancient Egyptians gave us mathematics (oops, that pre-dates islam), the Communists gave us mass murder and slavery on a previously unimagined scale and the Socialists gave us socialized medicine. Wow.

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