Thursday, December 07, 2006

ISG - Iraq Surrender Group

A colleague asked me on Tuesday whether I had seen anything definitive on the "Report" yet. I replied that I hadn't but that it really didn't much matter. From all accounts I have read it appeared likely to contain a prescription for abandoning the Iraqis who believed in us, the troops who sacrificed and died for the cause and those in the region who had cast their lot with us.

Now it's out.

I missed one essential element: Give Israel back to the Arabs. It never occurred to me that even someone as reputedly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel as James "F--k the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway" Baker would go so far as to recommend a "regional meeting without Israel so as to avoid pressure from the Jews" as has been reported. Sure, if we give the Golan Heights back to Syria Islamonuts will stop setting off bombs in Bali.

The report says that we should engage the Syrians and Iranians in talks to get their co-operation in stabilizing Iraq.

I heard a clip of Baker defending his view to Lieberman. Turns out his brilliant idea is to invite Syria and Iran to the table. If they say "no" then they will be exposed to all the world as obstructionists who are encouraging the de-stabilization of Iraq. Apparently there is someone in the world that Baker thinks needs convincing of this most obvious fact. Whoever that someone is, he must be living in a cave somewhere without access to any information at all. That being the case, how does Baker plan to inform him of Iran's newly confirmed intransigence?

Then, thanks to Rush, we get to hear Madeline Albright's sage advice on the subject. (I always have a problem with her name. Seems to me Aldumb would be more appropriate.) I will quote from memory as nearly as possible: "Of course we have to talk to our enemies, not only to our friends". Brilliant. As Rush said, "No, we don't have to talk to our enemies, we have to defeat our enemies". He went on to say that our talks with the Soviets became a lot more productive when we had Pershings in England pointed at their heads.

Happily, as W pays lip service to the report he spares no effort to make perfectly clear in a press conference today that, if anything, we will become more aggressive in Iraq.

The war isn't lost yet. Hundreds, if not thousands of American service personnel along with thousands of Iraqis have died needlessly. Sacrificed on the alter of the American left's hatred of America and W. It is impossible to look back at the progress of events in Iraq and not reach the conclusion that the bad guys were emboldened by the constant drum beat of the left and the main stream press for the defeat of America in Iraq. They knew, as OBL had pointed out shortly after Mogadishu, that as long as they could keep killing Americans for a couple of years the useful idiots of the American left would cheer them on and revel in the defeat of the country they so despise, a muscular and confident America.

The lefties have never felt so good about themselves as they did in the late sixties and early seventies when they last caused the defeat of America and the needless loss of thousands of American lives. Their actions (mine included at the time) ensured the murder and slavery of millions in Indo-China. In the eighties (I had been cured by then) they fawned over the Soviets and protested the placing of nukes in England and Europe. That the Soviets were running the world's largest and most brutal prison, enslaving hundreds of millions of people mattered not at all to them. Liberals? Not by any sane definition.

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