Friday, January 08, 2016

Why we shouldn't believe in man made "Climate Change"

The first part of the post below was originally published  on 11/20/2008. The UPDATE below it is new.

Because the UN is telling us it is so.

The UN, the promoter of the worldwide Aids epidemic will shortly be reporting that their numbers are wildly wrong, according to the Washington Post today.

One of the reasons the numbers are so far off is:

"There was a tendency toward alarmism, and that fit perhaps a certain fundraising agenda," said Helen Epstein, author of "The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight Against AIDS." "I hope these new numbers will help refocus the response in a more pragmatic way." (emphasis added).

The same money driven agenda will be shown to be at work in the Global Warming Industry. It won't be long now. As Radar used to say in M.A.S.H. "Wait for it".

UPDATE 1/8/2016

A little more than 8 years later the hoax is both more and less effective.

More because so many people are making a good living from it. It has spawned entire new industries. Electric cars (subsidized by the government), solar panels (subsidized by the government), wind farms (subsidized by the government). Notice a trend there?

The bureaucrats and "scientists" employed in the effort to perpetuate the hoax are having a ball. Every year they have a global conference with themselves and various politicians and celebrities flying their private, gas guzzling, CO2 emitting airplanes to various exotic spots to eat, drink and play lavishly, all the while exhorting the rest of us to reduce our carbon footprints. The cognitive dissonance is lost on them, but not on us. "Climate change" is now very low on the priority list of most Americans, so low in fact, that it doesn't appear at all on this list .

Fundamental Matters

It seems that much of the problem in finding a way to peace in the Middle East is that both sides are telling the truth but only one side is being listened to.

Israel really wants to live in peace, in reasonable security and has no abiding antipathy towards Arabs.

The Arabs do not accept the legitimacy of the State of Israel and have a very vocal, visceral antipathy towards Jews.

For reasons best known to the non-Arab peace negotiators, including the Israelis, and most of the non-Arab public of the world they refuse to accept the Arabs at their vociferous word: We intend to destroy Israel and we intend to destroy the Jews.

They shout this from the rooftops of thousands of Mosques the world over. They shout this from every Arab Capitol . They shout this from every state run newspaper in the middle-east.

They don't just shout this occasionally. They shout it constantly. How is it that such a huge din goes unheard by so many?

Could it be the reluctance of so many to have the discussion that has to be had? Are we afraid to debate the legitimacy of the State of Israel? Are we afraid to point out, clearly, that the Arabs are a civilization bent on genocide?

That Israel is happy to live side by side in secure states isn't surprising. From the Arab point of view it is the same as having someone break into your house and offer to split it with you. A ridiculous proposition of course.

Until the Arabs are able to acknowledge that Jews have had a continuous presence in Israel from biblical times; that the Zionists bought and paid for their land and have a legitimate claim to it; and, that the 1948 partition was a legitimate exercise of political power by the Jews, there is little point to "peace talks".

If they can't acknowledge any or all of the above assertions the result will be perpetual war.

When the Zionist movement was slowly filling much of pre-Israel Palestine with Jews the Arabs demanded the British do something about it. They did but the Jews kept coming anyway. Here in the USA we are watching the Southwest fill up with illegal immigrants. We understand what the Arabs felt like.