Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cultural Appropriation

I wrote recently about White Privilege and explained what I think it is and why I think it exists. A parallel lament from our perennial whiners is "Cultural Appropriation", a phenomenon that posits that a person should not use the foods, clothing or other things from cultures he is not a part of. For example, not long ago a free yoga class at University of Ottawa was cancelled by the administration after complaints were received that the instructor was white, not Indian.

So it goes with any number of things. White people wearing dreadlocks? Sorry, no. White people owning restaurants selling non-white ethnic foods, er, no.

What progressives (white and non-white) seem to be doing is rebuilding walls between identifiable groups and promoting de-facto segregation. There are now "safe spaces" on university campuses where whites are not welcome. Yes, really.

I find all this very confusing. The same people who have promoted multiculturalism now seem to want to segregate cultures. I thought we were supposed to learn from our exposure to other cultures. After all, every culture is of at least equal value and people, particularly white people, need to learn from all the other much more enlightened cultures that abound on earth. I will confess that I have never understood what I was supposed to learn from an ill-educated Somali shepherd other than how to be a shepherd. Not one of my goals. Oh well.

Bill Whittle is, in my opinion, a brilliant and enormously talented man who has done us all the good turn of producing a video on the subject of cultural appropriation.


Saturday, April 09, 2016

The Choose Your Gender Age

Watching the developing insanity with respect to inviting individuals to disengage from their randomly assigned gender and race has been at once horrifying and mesmerizing.

Apparently modern man has undiscovered humanity. I have written before that if Bruce Jenner wants to pretend to be a woman that is fine with me. If Rachel Dozier wants to pretend to be black that is also Ok with me. Gay and want to pretend to be married, no problem. Do as you wish up to the point that you demand my participation in your fantasy.

The "Bathroom Wars" are now underway. Otherwise apparently intelligent people, mostly "progressives", have decided that anyone who claims to identify as one gender or another, despite their physiology, is entitled to use the gender identified public bathroom of their choice. All but the most willfully blind among us can predict the outcome of this nonsense.

There will be a lot of men using ladies' rooms, not, by the way, because we identify as female but for the much more mundane and predictable reason that we are men, more than a few of us with poor impulse control (particularly under the influence of drugs or alcohol), and an opportunity to share intimate spaces with women has been offered free of consequence.

It is entirely predictable that instances of rape and lesser sexual assault will multiply exponentially if this ridiculous policy is allowed to continue.

For those of you who are confused about your gender, I have a solution:

(Hat tip,