Monday, May 09, 2016

An Essential Explanation

My complaints about the censorship of the news by "news" organizations have been frequent. I have read countless articles claiming that both sides of the political isle complain that the news is slanted in their opponents direction so things must, after all, be in balance and my complaints are nonsense. Nonsense.

I have mentioned Bill Whittle before. A brilliant guy, in my opinion. His clip below illustrates a routine example of censorship by a "news" organization which succeeds in using a picture to convey exactly the opposite of what it conveyed, pre-censorship.
(The photo in question was also used by countless other outlets including, if memory serves, a Newsweek cover.)

My reflex had always to give the benefit of the "good intentions" doubt to those who are found to be stretching the rules. The transgressions of "progressives" over the last thirty years or so (by which I mean since I have been paying attention) have eroded that instinct to the point of erasing it. They do not have good intentions. They do not operate in good faith, as I have mentioned before. Perhaps they never did.

It is impossible for me to believe that the MSNBC reporters discussing the Tea Party in the clip below did not know what the picture in question showed before it was censored. No good intentions. No good faith.

The censorship is not the most important part of the clip below. The most important part is Mr. Whittle's explanation of the how and the why.


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