Monday, December 05, 2016

Donald J Trump

As a reluctant Trump voter on November 8, I find I am an enthusiastic Trump supporter on December 5.

I did not realize before the election just how disturbed I had been at the prospect of a Clinton presidency and the continuation of the unbearable burden of the Emperor's New Clothes America I had been living in since the election of Obama.

Thanks President-elect Trump. I had not understood how much the lack of political and cultural sunshine had affected me.

I was reluctant about DJT for all the reasons most conservatives were. I have often read that his publication of the list from which he would choose his Supreme Court nominee mollified a lot of us. It certainly did me. It did not make me enthusiastic though. I could settle for keeping the court leaning right no matter what else I had to give up in exchange.

Apparently we will be getting a DJT who is considerably more conservative than most of us reluctant supporters would ever have hoped for.

There is a very important song in the Passover liturgy sung during the seder (ritual meal) called Dayenu. The word means "enough".  It begins,

"Had he brought us out of Egypt, but not executed judgments against the Egyptians, it would have been enough.
Had he executed his judgments against them but not upon their gods, it would have been enough."

You get the point, be grateful for the big victory. Take whatever else is offered gratefully.

For me, had DJT only appointed a suitable Justice, it would have been enough. All of the rest of what he has already done is gravy. Hopefully much more to come.

Some excellent appointments, and the obvious competence of his team persuade me that we are entering a very dynamic period of American ascendancy, driving the left to a cacophonous gnashing of teeth and rending of garments (to continue my religious theme). They, notoriously, believe that America is the world's biggest problem.

In the countless articles I have read wherein the left explains why they lost the election there is a central  theme, "we didn't get our message across". To be fair, there are a few writers on the left who recognize that the message itself was the problem.

Please believe me when I tell you, you did get your message across and a lot of people don't like it. We don't like being told that because we disagree with you we are either racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic or just plain "deplorable", to quote one famous harridan, former politician and failed presidential candidate.

You told us, very clearly, that the next four or eight years would be very much like the last, only worse. If you are white and disagree with us "shut up". If you are white and wealthy and disagree with us, "shut up and give us your money". If you are white, wealthy, disagree with us and male, well, its the re-education camp for you.

Reading current "news" stories in the mainstream media reinforces, for me, the idea that the left still, almost a month later, does not understand why DJT is President-elect.

A perfect example, in my opinion, is the explosion of pontificating derision heaped on DJT for having spoken directly to the President of Taiwan.

A headline at CNBC:

"Trump may have just thrown decades of US-China relations into disarray"

Followed by these pearls of conventional wisdom:

"With this phone call and the follow-up tweet, Trump is risking fundamentally upending decades of US policy towards Taiwan and enraging China, the world's only other Superpower. China sees Taiwan not as an independent country, but rather a part of China."

That is why we elected DJT. What China thinks is fine. What we think is also fine. When the two conflict it is neither necessary nor desirable to bend to China's way of thinking.

Those days, happily, appear to be over. 

None of the articles I have read on this kerfuffle include the relevant historical context. We had full diplomatic relations with Taiwan from the late 1940's until 1979 when we recognized Red China as part of our Cold war strategy. The Cold War, at least that one, is long since over and there is no reason to indulge its artifacts other than political correctness.

Our friends should rejoice, our enemies and detractors take pause. It appears that political correctness at the level of international diplomacy, and hopefully elsewhere, is on the wane.

I have never liked DJT's slogan, "Make America Great Again". America has always been great, in my view. So great, in fact, that it managed to survive 8 years of relentless attack by its Chief Executive and his anti-American minions.

I would like to mention that the first enthusiastic Trump supporter I encountered, very early in the primary process, was my youngest son. He was onto something. The second was his younger sister. A couple of pretty smart kids, eh? Wonder where they came from!

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  1. I too feel a great sense of relief! I believe that the DJT Administration will continue to make great decisions. Thanks for the shoutout!