Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Good Faith, Health Care Edition

I have written before of the critical role good faith plays in any meaningful discussion. I have written before that there does not appear to be any good faith on the left. They keep proving me, unfortunately, correct.

The House passed an Obamacare reform act last week. The world ended.

Courtesy of Senator Kamala Harris (D CA) this gem of lie..

"If you're one of the up to 129M people who have a pre-existing condition, share your story with me today & I’ll RT some throughout the day."

As the Senator (and former Attorney General of California) must know most
Americans get their health insurance through their employment. Consideration of pre-existing conditions has been unlawful in group policies for over 30 years, as she also surely knows.

The subject of the legislation she is vilifying is Obamacare. How many people are insured by Obamacare? Well, according to the Senator's home state paper of record, The L.A. Times, as published on March 29th of this year,

 Healthcare coverage in the U.S.

That is correct, 9.1 million people. Perhaps each of those 9.1 million has 14,175,824 pre-existing conditions, thus her 129,000,000. Probably not.

She isn't done yet. As the chart above makes clear, 290,200,000 Americans have health insurance. I'm guessing, since the entire population of the country is about 330,000,000 that at least a few of the 290,200,000 are not in the top 5% income wise, the privileged few, in other words. There are, by definition, no more than 16,500,000 people in that cohort. Probably far fewer since there are about 73,000,000 minors in the US and few of them are likely to have achieved top 5% income status on their own.

" Health care should not be a privilege for a few, but a right for all. The bill that passed earlier today won’t do that." Says the Senator. Indeed, says I, and thank goodness it isn't a "privilege for a few". Is it a right then? No. Just another service we buy or receive in some other manner.

Not to be outdone, a writer named Joan McCarter published a well informed piece under the following headline,

As you can imagine it is replete with nonsense. Have a look if you have the stomach for it.
If you do you will notice that  every link supporting her hysteria is to a left wing or far left wing publication or organization. The definition of living in a bubble.

She ends the piece with this bit of hilarity.

"Here’s another consequence: we will make the political life of every Republican who voted for this a living hell."

It would be nice if we could actually discuss things with the left but it seems to be impossible, so bereft of good faith are they.

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