Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Immigration and Dishonesty

I have written before about the difficulty of having any meaningful discussion with the left because they are so dishonest.

An opinion piece that appeared in the Arizona Republic this past Sunday is an excellent example of dishonesty masquerading as the truth. Due to my inability to disable an ad blocker I can't link directly to the piece. Sorry. Easy to find at if you wish to read it, "Deporting the "dreamers" deports America's Honor". That headline is what caught my attention. I rarely read anything she writes, it is all so predictable.

Linda Valdez is the author. She is a reliable lefty and a member of the Republic's editorial board.

She tells the story of Juan Manuel Montes, a "Dreamer" who she claims was deported for no reason at all and uses this supposed deportation as a hammer to bludgeon those of us who disagree with her position with shame. We are mean, nasty, evil people.

I smelled a rat. We do not deport people for no reason, particularly "Dreamers", so I did some looking around.

In typical lefty style she omitted the actual reason the young man finds himself stuck in Mexico. It was, according to that well known right wing rag, CNN, this:

" The problem, though, is on the part of the story both sides agree on: Montes tried to sneak back into the US on February 19 and was caught by Border Patrol. DACA requires individuals to get pre-clearance to leave the country, and so Montes' re-entry then showed he had left without authorization and voided his status, DHS said." (Emphasis added)

So, he broke the rules and paid the price. All as it should be. If Ms. Valdez is capable of feeling shame, this would be a good time. Her dishonesty harms her cause.

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