Monday, May 22, 2017

This and That #3

I have written several times about the difficulty engaging the left in meaningful discussion because of, among other things, the apparent complete lack of good faith on their part.

There is at least one and hopefully many other lefty's I have yet to encounter, who has not abandoned the notion of good faith.

Alan Dershowitz is as doctrinaire a Democrat as there is, except where Israel is concerned. He is a stalwart supporter. He is also a brilliant lawyer. Unfortunately he is also one of the lawyers who got O.J. off. Well, we all make mistakes.

He recently tweeted a response to assertions that President Trump had committed some sort of infraction when he fired James Comey.

Because a president has the unreviewable authority to fire the Director for any reason. 

Joe Scarborough @JoeNBCI eagerly await the flood of experts explaining why Donald Trump firing Comey to obstruct justice is not obstruction of justice.

Unreviewable Joe. Case closed.


You have no doubt heard about all the hate crimes carried out by Trump supporters. A handy compilation at the link. They are all hoaxes of course.
One of the headline stories at Yahoo over   the weekend began,

"HOUSTON (AP) — A black Texas congressman said Saturday that he's been threatened with lynching by callers infuriated over him seeking impeachment of President Donald Trump."
Also, over the weekend, this story was published by The Hill describing harassment and threats against Republican office holders.
If you read both stories you will see that the Republican office holders who experienced harassment and threats reported them to the authorities and arrests were made.

Unsurprisingly, the "black Texas Congressman", Al Green (D), does not appear to have 
reported anything to the authorities. Why not? Most likely, in my opinion, the recordings he shared are a hoax.

Update. Here is an even more comprehensive examination of the hoaxes.


As you know, for most of the left the narrative is everything. Anything that does not advance the narrative is suppressed.

This fabulous story did not make it beyond the Charlotte Observer as far as I know.
Unfortunately I can't seem to copy and paste the photo from the story. Have a look. It is worth it. It is also the real, non-narrative America being led by President Trump.

Classic line from the story;
" “They’re never going to put that on television,” Trump said."
 Trump Victory Christian(3)
Trump Victory Christian(3)
Trump Victory Christian(3)

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