Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Unbiased Journalism

I mentioned in the previous post that despite the dire warnings of a constitutional crisis in the wake of President Trump's firing of James Comey, there is no constitutional crisis.

There is another crisis, in my opinion. It has been a problem since Mr. Trump's election.

Mainstream journalism, while contemptible for its cheer leading tenor during Obama's reign and Hillary's campaign, has evolved into a new role.

They seem to see their job as being supportive of anyone the President criticizes.

Senator Richard Blumenthal weighed in on the Comey affair.

 “What we have now is really a looming constitutional crisis that is deadly serious,” Blumenthal said on CNN’s “New Day.” “Because there is an investigation ongoing.” 

Very restrained of him. The crisis is only looming. Of course, there is always "an investigation ongoing". In fact, I would be shocked if there were not thousands of investigations "ongoing".

The Donald, being The Donald took to Twitter to remind us that Blumenthal lied on many occasions about having served in Vietnam and that Blumenthal should be the subject of an investigation.

Yahoo "News" (quotes are mine) quickly leapt to Mr. Blumenthal's defense publishing the article linked above under the headline:

Trump falsely claims Sen. Blumenthal devised ‘one of the greatest military frauds in U.S. history'

Their problem is not that Mr. Blumenthal is a self-aggrandizing serial liar. No, of course not.

The real problem is that President Trump exaggerates, not that Blumenthal is a disgrace. 

I have mentioned before the analysis that his critics take him literally but not seriously. His supporters take him seriously but not literally. The critics keep proving the point.

Not being content with just asserting that there have been bigger frauds than Blumenthal in US military history, Yahoo goes on to try and even the playing field for Mr. Blumenthal.

"And during the Vietnam War, Trump avoided the draft by receiving five deferments, including one for what he described as bone spurs in his heels."

So Donald Trump had five deferments,  just like Blumenthal! Indeed. Not.

Trump never pretended to have been in combat which is the source of Trump's contempt for Blumenthal.


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