Wednesday, June 07, 2017

"Moderate" Muslim Update

As you know I have been looking for signs of that vast majority of Muslims who are "moderates" and opposed to their coreligionists penchant for blowing up and otherwise dismembering innocents. They have been hard to find.

This (link fixed) story looked promising.

"Over 130 imams from across the United Kingdom have said they will refuse to perform the traditional Islamic funeral prayer for the London and Manchester terror attackers. The ritual is normally carried out for every Muslim, regardless of their actions.
In what is a highly unusual move, Muslim religious leaders from different schools of Islam -- both Sunni and Shia -- issued a statement late Monday saying their pain at the suffering of the victims of Saturday's attacks had led to their decision, and they called on others imams to follow suit."

Given all I have heard and read over the years about the proliferation of Muslims in the UK I decided to try and find out what proportion of UK Imams were represented  in the letter.

That would be about 7.4%. Not impressive, at all.

There is something very familiar about that percentage. It is in the general area of the number of Muslims said to be supportive of Islamic terrorists.

It seems to me that the numbers we have been treated to over the years are upside down.

It is becoming more obvious, as a matter of simple observation, that the vast majority of Muslims are content to sit on the sidelines and watch, if not applaud, the slaughter of innocents.

No doubt they happily engage in the moral relativism that conflates jihadists blowing up and otherwise attacking ordinary citizens as they go about their lives with Muslims killed in wars. If the distinction has to be explained it is not worth the bytes to do so.

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