Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Religion of Peace, Again. Again

Well, another week, another massacre in England thanks to our Islamic friends.

I wrote on May 23, after the Manchester attack,

"So where are all these moderate Muslims and why are they not speaking up?

I think, faced with this obvious paradox, we must conclude that we non-Muslims have invented a species of Muslim whose collective silence argues against their existence."

The silence of the "moderate" Muslims was broken, finally.

Well, kind of. This piece is written by a person I assume is a "moderate" Muslim. It is well worth the read. Here is a taste.

"While living safely under Britain’s rule of law, they nonetheless view British society as beneath contempt. They don’t want to be part of it, and they teach people like Salman Abedi that it’s a mortal sin for them to want to be part of it. Anything that happens to a Muslim anywhere in the world, once passed through the Islamist victimhood filter, becomes an anti-Muslim act for which the guilty must be punished. And so it seems that Abedi’s actions were the result of this solipsistic staple of Islamist indoctrination. In a country, and a city, where young men run the risk of falling prey to knife crime, Abedi interpreted the stabbing of a friend as an anti-Muslim ‘hate crime’, and swore revenge on the society around him.'"

The author certainly sounds like what we conjure up as a "moderate" Muslim.

Trouble is, he is so certain of the grateful support he will receive from the other 1.2 billion or so "moderate" Muslims worldwide for speaking out that he has to use a pseudonym. No doubt they will kill him when they find him.

Back here in the USA I see that "moderate" Muslims are indeed capable of public demonstrations.

New York – Muslims continued on with their civilization Jihad as they took over the street in front of Trump Tower during ‘Iftar’ or ‘breaking their Ramadan fast’.

Just not public demonstrations condemning their murderous coreligionists. The real problem for them, as usual, is us and our bigoted President.

The reason for the lack of public repudiation of the Jihadis is easily explained. While they probably wouldn't pull the trigger or slash a throat themselves, "moderate" Muslims are quite content with it being done. Islam is a triumphalist religion/ideology which robustly declares that the one true god is Allah, his prophet is Mohamed and, if you are not a Muslim you are a second class person. They obviously believe this and are content to pursue both violent and demographic means to bury western civilization.

I think I have linked to and written about Roger L. Simon before. He is a big talent. A successful Hollywood screenwriter, blogger and former liberal. He published the linked article today. We all make mistakes. His prescription for the reform of Islam is, in my view, misguided and useless. The reason it is useless is this;

"To be clear, this is not about bad people (many Muslims are fine human beings), but about a malignant ideology from the seventh century that must be expunged for the survival of all."

They are not fine human beings. If they were they would have risen up against this appalling creed long ago.

I am sure they love their children. Oh, wait, they happily send them out in suicide attacks, so maybe they have a different definition of parental love than we do. After all, they will enter paradise immediately. That is not love. It is depravity. A depravity being condoned by silence.

As the saying goes, freedom is not free. We cannot talk these people into "moderation". The practice of their religion, whether jihadist or "moderate", must be stopped in the west.
There is no "until" in my formulation.

Let them stay in all those countries of the world where they already dominate. Given the superiority of their religion and culture, why should they want to leave? Let them kill each other, Sunni and Shiite alike, to their hearts' content.

Keep in mind how we got here. We turned the Saudis into mega billionaires. They used many of those billions to export their particularly vicious  version of  Islam, Wahhabism, all over the world.

We had to have their oil so we turned a blind eye. Deal with the devil and all that. The devil is now taking his repayment in the form of dismembered, by various means, men, women and children. We no longer need their oil. We no longer need them. We no longer have to put up with their murderous barbarism.

Mr. Simon suggests that we gather all their leaders together in a huge conclave and insist that they "reform" their religion. Mr. Simon, with respect, that is a fools errand. Your suggestion that there be economic penalties for not applying themselves to this task is a pipe dream.

There are no metrics by which to appropriately place blame. The complexity of the problem combined with, except for Donald Trump, spineless western leadership would drown any such program before it could produce a single desirable result.

This is not a fight in which we prevail by trying, for the millionth time, to get these people to behave by applying western tactics of persuasion. Coercion is required, as un-American, illiberal and uncomfortable as it is for us.

My suggestion is for all of us to stop pretending Muslims are just another group of immigrants anxious to become Americans. We must confront them at every opportunity and demand that they denounce their coreligionists, if not their religion, as the purveyors of murder and triumphalism that they are.

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