Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Fascism, American Style

It is great to live in America. We have plenty of problems, of course. We always have and we always will.

On the other hand, one of most violent left wing political creeds has been neutered here. Fascism is now defanged!

Since long before his election President Trump (like Reagan, Bush, and Bush two) has been likened to Hitler and declared a Fascist.

Unlike the Fascist governments that preceded our American version, Franco's Spain, Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy, opponents of the American Fascist government constantly point out its flaws and, alas, remain alive and free to continue to do so.

A thoroughly welcome advancement.

You see, Franco's Spain had its Gaurdia Civil, happy to arrest and imprison critics at their whim. Hitler, of course, had his Brownshirts and Gestapo. Criticizing the government or any member of it was a death sentence quickly and brutally delivered. I don't know enough about Mussolini's infrastructure to tell you who murdered his critics.

The American version is, apparently, so much more benign that it closely resembles a constitutional democracy.

American Fascist Cabinet member Scott Pruitt is confronted and lectured at in a public restaurant.

American Fascist Cabinet member Kierstjen Neilsen confronted and jeered at in a public restaurant.

American Fascist spokesperson Sarah Sanders is asked to leave a public restaurant. Rather than call in armed ICE agents to arrest and murder the restaurant owner she...gets up and leaves.

Consequences for the poor behavior of the complaining citizens? None.

I am reasonably sure that the victims of previous non-American Fascist regimes would prefer the American version's outcomes.

Of course, pretty much the whole world prefers American version outcomes. That is why our culture is popular everywhere ( ok, the Iranian government doesn't like us much and then there are the jihadists, but still, most people like us) and people from all over the world risk their lives to emigrate here.

There is a curious irony in all the Fascism talk. A significant number of those insisting our government is run by Fascists are the only ones who actually look and act like Fascists.