Tuesday, May 08, 2018


I don't watch much cable or over the air television. My viewing is generally limited to sporting events. Most recently I enjoyed several NCAA Tournament games. The student athletes are very impressive.

I deploy my "mute" button liberally, particularly during commercial breaks. I still see some of the offerings.

I find it both amusing and distressing how self-consciously multi- gender and multi-racial almost every commercial seems to be.

I have lived a long time. Generally speaking life looks nothing like these commercials.


Of course, all the cigarette commercials showing vibrant, athletic and beautiful people in my younger years did not reflect reality either. There was, however, no attempt at selling a social utopia that did not exist in order to keep the social justice warriors happy. Just a blatant attempt to persuade us that smoking was a habit of the cool and the beautiful. Commercial persuasion not social persuasion.

I think I prefer the former.

Friday, May 04, 2018

The Horror of Life in Trumpland

On April 15 Yahoo! treated us to yet another Trump inspired horror story about a young American tech entrepreneur and his Indian partners.

..."Now the company finds itself in limbo amid the Trump administration’s effort to kill an Obama-era regulation that sought to grant a limited stay in the U.S. to certain qualifying entrepreneurs, like Modon’s co-founders.

The regulation, known as the International Entrepreneur Rule, was first proposed in 2016 after multiple attempts to pass legislation that would create a so-called startup (sic) visa had failed in Congress." (Emphasis added)

So, the Obama administration, having failed to persuade the people's representatives of the value of their position did what it always did. Legislate by fiat.

For the left, usurping the power of Congress is not a problem if done by Democrats, but daring to undo such rule by fiat is a major transgression, assuming you are a Republican.

Glad to have the rules cleared up.

I love the language, "...Obama era regulation". Despite the fact that the author mentioned its 2016 provenance the phrasing suggests, at least to me, that the rule was in place for some time and had been acted upon by businesses which will now suffer unfairly from its undoing.

The regulation was issued three days before Mr. Trump's inauguration, so obviously, long standing policy on which major business decisions have rested. If you read far enough into the story you will find that the regulation had never been implemented, ever. Thus exactly no one could have relied upon it to their detriment.

How dare  President Trump undo an illegitimate rule that has never been actually relied upon or applied when to do so would cause such an upheaval in the business community!

Or something.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Russians

As you know the United States, along with France and Britain, have bombed three targets in Syria in response to the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons in its effort to destroy its opposition.

You may recall that in 2013 after the Syrian opthamologist, Bashar Assad, used chemical weapons Obama turned the problem of removing those weapons over to Russia. Syria became a client state of Russia and Russia moved troops into Syria.

The world was assured that the weapons were secure and would not be used again. John Kerry and Barak Obama believed those assurances. I doubt another person not residing in a mental institution and/or over the age of 10 believed them.

When the most recent use of these weapons was reported, President Trump assured Syria and Russia that there would be a price to pay. Russia warned that we must not do anything. If we did the consequences would be grave.

Last night Syria paid the price.

Today we discovered the consequences we will suffer.

"Putin also called for an emergency meeting U.N. Security Council."

Oh my! That meeting took place today .

Our U.N. Ambassador, Niki Hailey was suitably impressed.

""The time for talk ended last night," Haley told the UN Security Council. "We are prepared to sustain this pressure, if the Syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will.
"The United States is locked and loaded," she said. "When our President draws a red line, our President enforces a red line.""

Perhaps one of Mr. Putin's advisers should have pointed out that certain members of the U.N. Security Council have the power of the veto so there would be no U.N. initiated consequences. Who are they, in addition to Russia?
"After a heated two-hour debate, the United Nations Security Council rejected a Russian resolution on Saturday that would have condemned airstrikes carried out hours earlier by the United States, Britain and France against Syria.

Russia, China and Bolivia voted for the resolution, but eight members voted against and four abstained. Even a majority vote would have been largely symbolic, as the three Western powers that carried out the attack hold veto power and would certainly have blocked it." (Emphasis added)

Perhaps the blustery Russian potentate has something else in mind as well. I guess we will see.

It is very nice to have a President who will actually do something to try and save the innocents of Syria, unlike his soulless predecessor who folded after drawing his famous red line.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Battle Space Preparation

That is what the left is always engaged in. You have likely seen any number of "Blue Wave" articles predicting a big win in November for the Democrats.

Republican members of Congress are announcing their intention not to run again in 2018 in record numbers. 35 at last count. 20 is about the average according to an article I read recently.

Apparently even Paul Ryan, the former conservative and current Speaker of the House is hanging up his gavel and heading for the hills.

The proliferation of stories suggesting that the Democrats will retake the House happens approximately every 1.5 years when they are not in control of the House as the left prepares the battle space. The objective of the stories is to demoralize conservatives. To persuade us to not even bother trying to win; the jig is up, game over, checkmate. Maybe. As the saying goes, even a stopped watch is right twice a day.

Should we believe any of what they are suggesting? There is a one word answer to that question... DonaldJTrump!

Think back to 2016. What were they telling us for an entire year preceding the election?

Correct. Don't bother. Game over. The jig is up. Checkmate. Oh, I almost forgot, they were going to take the House in the bargain.

Most, if not all of the non-returning GOP congresscritters know they  cannot run on their records and be re-elected. They have played Lucy to our Charlie Brown at least one too many times. ObamaCare repeal, the Omnibus budget. Colossal betrayals of the conservative voters who sent them to Congress. The kind that cannot be forgiven.

Being the stand-up guys and gals that they are, and knowing the rules really well, I wonder what they will do with their leftover campaign money? How about;

"This option also includes creating a nonprofit organization with the leftover campaign funds."

Any bets on how many family members will be "employed" by these brand new nonprofit organizations?

We will put forward new candidates in the primaries for all of those seats and we will inevitably win many, if not most of them. Who knows, the new crop may add a few voices to the real conservatives in the House. We cannot do any worse, for the most part, than we did with those who are taking the money and running.

Be of good cheer my friends. Do not let their tsunami of propaganda affect your natural conservative optimism. It is always possible that we will indeed lose, it is a contest after all and we are up against world class liars and cheaters as usual.

We can never let the prospect of losing dissuade us from doing all we can to win.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

This and That # 9

In This and That #8 I included two short quotes with the comment that sometimes a short statement can contain a lot of information.

That a picture can be worth a thousand words is well known. Sometimes, when we are really lucky, a picture can be worth a million words. Via Powerlineblog.com

The photo is from a weekly series posted each Saturday by Steven Hayward. It is always worth a look.


Pope Francis is at it again. This particularly foolish Pope began his papacy by endorsing socialism (I wonder what his Venezuelan flock is eating today).

He followed up with a condemnation of President Trump for promising to build a wall along our southern border.

I had the opportunity to visit  Vatican City last October. Was I  ever shocked to find that the city/state he rules and calls home is completely surrounded by very tall, very thick...walls.

Image of Horizontal picture of Bricky Wall Showing the Direction

It is a never ending source of wonder to me that leftists appear to have no understanding of irony and not much more understanding of honesty, for that matter.

Here is His Holiness' latest epiphany,

"Pope Francis: 'There Is No Hell'"

Good to know.


Speaking of the lack of honesty on the left, one of my favorite writers, Kurt Schlichter, offers this,

"Here’s the deal – everything the liberals say about guns is a lie. Every. Single. Thing."

You should read the whole thing.

Among the most important points he makes is that,

"Our right to speak and worship freely, and our right to keep and bear arms, were merely cited by the Constitution. That paper did not grant them. The government did not grant them, and the government cannot take them away. Every American was endowed with those rights by his Creator, and as long as we have the will to defend our rights, no collection of creeps is ever going to take them away from us."


Friday, March 30, 2018


The Jewish holiday of Passover starts at sundown this evening. I am proud to be Jewish but I am not a believer. As has been demonstrated literally millions of times, our enemies don't care whether I believe in the Jewish God. My blood is Jewish and so they have sworn to kill me today as they have so often in the past and no doubt will in the future. I have never been able to understand visceral racial or religious animosity. I suppose understanding these 100's of millions of crazy adherents of the Religion of Peace and their various Christian predecessors is not necessary.

The Passover liturgy insists that we remember our days as slaves in Egypt and internalize the lessons learned by once having been the "other". The scorned and mistreated outsider. To a large extent our status as the "other" has not changed. Non-Jews are just less impolite and vocal about it, except for the Islamists of course, who wear their Jew hatred as a badge of honor.

Like so many other religious stories the story of Passover is probably not true. There is no archaeological evidence of Jewish slavery in Egypt, which, as you likely are aware, is a treasure trove of archaeological finds. None. Not a shard of crockery nor an hieroglyphic tablet.

Does that mean that the lessons of the Passover "story" are not valuable. No it does not.

Whenever I bring up this lack of evidence and point out the almost endless stream of inconsistencies in the story, I am told that it is not necessary that the events described actually happened in order to learn valuable truths from the story. I agree. It is the methodology that insists on lying to children to which I object.

Also troubling is the apparent necessity our religious leaders find, as well as those of all the other religions that I have some small knowledge of, to spin heroic tales in their effort to convince the believers to believe.

Mohamed rode a flying horse to heaven to chat with Allah.

The Immaculate Conception.

Jesus rising from the dead.

Jesus walking on water.

The parting of the Red Sea.

Given that the people who believe these tales, or claim to, are solicited to donate money to the causes telling these tales perhaps the FTC should open an investigation. After all, you can't sell a car that way.

In my view religions are, in general, blue prints for a well regulated society.

For example, in earlier times spring cleaning was an important component of community health after a winter spent mostly indoors in an ever more poisonous environment.

Do you know what each Jewish household is commanded to do to prepare for Passover?

"For many Jews, one of the most vivid memories of their childhood is the seemingly endless cleaning and scrubbing of their homes during the weeks and days before Passover." The Family Haggadah, Menorah Publications, P.13.

So, in an astonishing coincidence the holiday that mandates a thorough cleaning of  homes and businesses happens at exactly the time of year it is most urgent.

It is almost as though the people who made up the story were actually bureaucrats intent on persuading their charges to clean out the detritus of winter hoping to minimize parasites emerging in the warmer months. One never knows.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How Smart are They?

I have been thinking a lot lately about differing impressions of smart.

We have been told for a very, very long time how smart, brilliant even, Hillary Clinton is. Smartest woman in the world, some say.

I have never seen even a hint of any smarts greater than those required to get into and out of Yale Law School. It is a very impressive achievement and one that requires some serious smarts. But that is all. It has been done 10's of thousands of times.

She has been followed by scandal her entire public life. From impossibly successful novice cattle futures trading to her email scandal with a dozen or so assorted scandals in between. It occurs to me that some of you are so young that you might be unfamiliar with this astonishing list so here are links some major old ones and a couple that will get much louder soon. They make for very interesting reading, in my opinion.

Travel Office.  Rose Law Firm Billing Records.  White Water.  The Uranium One and Clinton Foundation scandals have yet to be thoroughly investigated. You probably remember Benghazi. Quite an impressive list.

She lost the 2016 election by being the opposite of brilliant or even smart. She was down right stupid. The "deplorables" comment was the defining moment of her campaign and sunk her for good. She is so "smart" that she still does not recognize her folly and reiterated her opinion of us during her recent trip to India.

Really smart people do not repeat their errors.

Another luminary of the left to whom great intellectual gifts are attributed is Barak Hussein Obama, otherwise known as Barry O. I have never seen any hint of great smarts in him either. As Clarence Thomas has complained about the effects on perception of affirmative action, I can't even credit him with the brains to actually get into and out of Harvard Law.

Actually, I do know he could not possibly have gotten into and out of Harvard Law without affirmative action because he proved it.

""I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress," Obama said."

Mr. President, Mr Harvard Law graduate and Harvard Law Review editor (who never wrote more than a page in that journal) the Supreme Court of the United States is in the business of upholding or overturning laws passed by the "democratically elected Congress" regardless of the strength of the vote that passed them into law. It is the primary reason the Court exists.

Does this nitwit really think that a law abridging the 1st or 2nd amendments passed by 100% of the Congress would be immune from Judicial scrutiny. Yes, apparently. He must have missed a course or two at Harvard Law.

He was speaking of ObamaCare of course. That "strong majority" was 100% Democrat in the House and all Democrat and 2 Independents in the Senate. Not a single Republican in either chamber voted for it. If one or two had, I suppose Barry could have asserted with even more certainty that SCOTUS could not have overturned it because not only was it a "strong majority" but a bipartisan one too! That would invoke his theory of proper judicial scrutiny even more strongly. Brilliance and academic achievement on proud display.